Survivor Spotlights

Visit our TLC page to read the current “Survivor Spotlight” stories on Karen Rhyan Candy Meyer  (pictured above).

Dedicated Physicians Focused on Your Best Care

Matthews Oncology Associates and Sheboygan Cancer & Blood Specialists are a compassionate group of highly trained staff that works as a team to provide you with seamless, customized medical attention. Our personalized approach allows for individualized treatment, disease management and follow-up to ensure your success.

Dignified Care

Dr. Matthews and Dr. Bettag and their staff strive to provide you with quality medical care in a dignified and fulfilling manner, as we do all we can to maintain your physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Advanced Treatment Options

Cancer remains a frightening diagnosis, but advancements in treatment have resulted in higher cure rates, greater hope and more success stories than ever before.  Our practice addresses all types of cancer and blood disorders.  We offer comprehensive services including diagnostic testing, custom treatment planning, evaluation, ongoing follow-up, palliative and end of life care services. You can rest assured that our state-of-the-art clinic, located in Sheboygan (just north of St. Nicholas Hospital ), offers the latest treatment advancements.

Common Blood Disorders

While there are many different types of blood disorders, the following we typically treat: platelet disorders, excessive clotting, bleeding problems, anemia, Leukemia, Myeloma, and Eosinophillic disorders.

Community Cancer Care Clinic

We can treat many different types of cancer including, but not limited to: lung, breast, colorectal, skin, prostate, bladder, Lymphoma (non-Hodgkin), kidney, Leukemia, pancreatic and thyroid Cancer

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