About TLC

Together We Live With Cancer (TLC) is an ever-expanding mix of events and services designed for cancer survivors, their families and caregivers. From the Survivorship Sessions (peer-to-peer group support sessions) where lasting friendships develop, to the inspirational Supportive Newsletter, to a variety of “Survivorship Can Be Fun” activities and gatherings, you are certain to find a way these special services can have a profound impact on your life during and following a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Peer Support

Something very special happens when people facing cancer turn to one another for help. The resulting peer support can have a profound impact on how they feel about themselves and how well they manage their lives during and after cancer. Even those with very supportive families and friends can learn from others who have walked or are walking the cancer journey while, at the same time, be a source of information and inspiration for others.

Who Can Attend TLC Events?

All TLC events and activities are open to anyone experiencing cancer in their life (survivors, co-survivors, family, friends and caregivers) throughout the many stages of the cancer experience (newly diagnosed, in treatment, months and even years after diagnosis).

TLC is an opportunity to learn, grow and heal. It is also an opportunity to reach out, to help, and to comfort others through these and other opportunities.  The below


The TLC Supportive Newsletter is a FREE quarterly periodical is written for local cancer patients and survivors by local cancer patients and survivors.

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Archived Newsletters below!

Survivorship Sessions

TLC Survivorship Sessions are  FREE monthly peer support opportunities.  Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m.  Sessions meet at the Matthews Oncology Associations/Sheboygan Cancer & Blood Specialists office, Second Floor Conference Room, 1621 N. Taylor Drive, Suite 100.

Fun Outings

TLC Survivorship Can Be Fun are FREE gatherings that offer fun and fellowship. They are scheduled periodically throughout the year.

The Local Cancer Community Update

This weekly e-mail newsletter/update is the best way to stay informed about opportunities in the Local Cancer Community.


For the TLC program, contact
Tim E. Renzelmann, Cancer Coach Patient Advocate
(920) 458-7433 or (920) 452-1650

For the Sheboygan County Cancer Care Fund, contact
Tim E. Renzelmann, Vice President
(9200 457-2223 or (920) 45-SCCCF

TLC Supportive Newsletter (Archive)


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